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I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to thank you all so very much for CrossFit.  Your energy, passion and drive are apparent in every aspect of the facility, staff and trainers. They are really doing a great job!


Apryll Green

Everyone there is constantly trying to do more for me than I can ever imagine.  You push me to make things I would never think possible. At my age, I am keeping up with some of young athletes.


John Novak

I have also been working with CrossFit on my diet and nutrition, and it is so awesome!  With their encouragement and realistic goals, I am eating better, losing fat and recovering quicker between workouts.


Kyle Reese

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at CrossFit.  You all go over and beyond your call of duty. You treat the place and the athletes more as friends and family than business.


Nick Goodman

My life isn’t perfect and there are tough times in my life but the big bright spot that I have is coming into crossfit and putting any difficulties behind me, at least for an hour.


Joselyn White

I am going on just about 3 months now being a member and I cannot believe the changes I feel every day.  It is the most amazing feeling of wanting to go to the gym every day.


Amily Williams

Although parts of my body are in pain daily before and after, it is  worth it. Just thanks helping both physically and mentally, and thanks for going over and beyond with me.


Caren Smith

Thanks to your motivation and patience, today i weigh 180.2 lbs, I have lost over 50 lbs and feel absolutely fantastic. CrossFit has helped me to live a healthier lifestyle.


Alex Savoy

My life would not be the same without Crossfit. Before each WOD, I still get butterflies from the excitement of conquering a new goal, setting a new PR, or just giving it my all.


Margaret Miller