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Fotografie in Deutschland, das ist unser Business. Ihr Event mit unserem Fotografen. Ein Fotograf ist eine Vertrauensperson. Messefotograf gesucht? Eventfotograf gesucht? Unsere Agentur aus Hannover 

Eventfotograf gesucht? - günstig in Hannover und deutschlandweit. Fotograf einfach finden

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DONNERKEIL photographers - visual emotions; thats it!

are an independent and active throughout Germany expert team of event and exhibition photographers. The right choice for any trade show, for still pictures, fairbooth documentaries, fair parties, as well as classic events, conferences and congresses.


In these days everyone could snap photos, but we create memories and preserve lasting emotions and thus leave traces. Nothing is more insistent as a highly emotionally charged Photography - and that is what we do.



enter here the period or the date where you need a photographer, e.g., "18/05/2015", "19-6/21/2015" or "in July". If a date for your event is not established yet, be approximate.


City | Place

where is the place where your event or trade fair will take place and where you need a(n) photographer, e.g. Berlin, Cologne or Hintertupfingen.



time | timeslot

here they can be a already defined timeslot, such as "6pm to 10pm" or an estimated time frame specify, such as "In the afternoon for 2 hours", "3 days for 4 hours each"


your budget

By specifying a personal financial framework, we can propose for their personal budget exactly the right photographer, as all photographers are independently mediated by us and are deposited with different profiles fee.

Your input is your advantage!



Company | Contract ID

Enter your company- or agency-name. The DONNERKEIL.-photographers are exclusively service provider for the commercial sector. If you regularly want to take advantage of these services, so you have the opportunity to complete a basic framework contract. In this case, only apply the agreed delivery and terms of use and the pre-agreed fees. Enter your contract ID.




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